How to Authorize a Computer for Apple TV

Authorize a Computer for Apple TV
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Authorizing a computer for Apple TV is one of the best features we have seen in Apple products. If we want to listen to music from iTunes on our computer or we want to share the saved music with someone from our iTunes playlist. The authorization makes it possible. The authorization will only be applied on five computers at a time, and in this count, iPhones or iPads will not be counted.

Only Windows computers or Macs will be included. To authorize any 6 devices you need to deauthorize any single from a previously authorized device. If you have an iTunes account and you want to use it on the computer, then you are in the right place. Here at Freelancing with Ehsan, we will guide you on how to authorize the computer for Apple TV.


Steps to authorize the computer for Apple TV:

Before starting the process make sure you have installed the latest Windows driver or the latest version of Mac OS.

  • Now download and install the latest version of iTunes on your computer or Mac.
  • After installing open your application and click the account button from the upper header.
  • The dropdown will be open, click on sign-in, If you have installed iTunes freshly, If you were using iTunes before on your computer, then you don’t need to sign in again.
  • Once you are logged in, Again click on the account button and go to Authorizations.
  • There you will get an option to authorize the computer or deauthorize the computer.

If you have already authorized 5 other devices then this will not work for you. You have to first deauthorize other devices and then authorize them. But still, if this didn’t work for you, Then check your iTunes version, It may require an update. Or restart your PC once to fix this problem.


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How to Deauthorize the computer from iTunes?

To deauthorize your computer from iTunes, simply drag your mouse cursor on the account tab and click on Authorizations, There you will get an option to deauthorize the computer. There are some limitations to deauthorizing a device. You will be able to deauthorize any device once a year, So make sure that you don’t waste your one-type authorization command without thinking about it.

To deauthorize all of your devices from iTunes, You will need the latest version of iTunes.

  • Drag your mouse cursor to the account and select the third option View My Account. 
  • A sign-in to your Apple ID will be required, So put your account credential there to view your account.
  • After signing in you will see the button to deauthorize your devices at once.
  • Click on that button.

Then confirm that you want to deauthorize all the accounts that have currently authorized status.


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There are some other ways to authorize a computer or to deauthorize a computer, But we recommend you use iThune official software to do so. This process requires your data like Apple ID and other stuff. So to be on the secure side. You must use the official ways.

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