How to Design Tribal Tattoos in Photoshop | Easy Tutorial 2024

How to design a tattoo on a computer in Adobe Photoshop
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To design tattoos, You may need to learn some software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Now there are many other ways to make a tattoo and to print it for your use. You can also download one from Google, or you can place an order on freelancing platforms like Freelancer or Fiverr to get your custom tattoo at cheap prices. But what if you want to know how to design a tattoo on a computer?


First, you have to sketch the design or tattoo in your mind what is your need. You can get help from websites like Behance or Google, three daily people post their designed graphics to add them to their portfolios and to get advice from the viewers.


How to Design Tribal Tattoos in Photoshop

  • First, download and install Adobe Photoshop on your computer, and run it.
  • For a smooth experience update the Photoshop to the latest version.
  • Then create a new size of 1080p x 1080p. If you want to print your designed tattoo then select the pixel per dot 300ppi.
  • Now set the background as a plain white color, take the pen tool, and start designing your tattoo.

You can use the brush tool, color tool, and pen tool to create a smooth tattoo. But designing the tattoo in Adobe Illustrator is easy, as there is an option for a shape maker, By using that we can design any shape and it is much easier to operate than Adobe Photoshop.


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How to Design Tribal Tattoos in Adobe Illustrator:

  • Create a new page in Adobe Illustrator.
  • Then head up to create random shapes.
  • Then select the shaper tool, and combine different shapes to make one complete tattoo.

This is the easiest way to make a tattoo on your PC but for this, you may need to learn the basics of Adobe Illustrator. To learn Adobe Illustrator, You can check out YouTube channels on which there are many free tutorials are present. You can also buy a paid course from Udemy or any other freelancer, But my recommendation will be to go on YouTube and learn to make tattoos from there.


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Should you need to buy any predesigned tattoos to get started with?

No, If you are looking for a pre-designed tattoo and then you want to edit and make it yours. This will be just a waste of money. Instead of doing so, You can ask a freelancer to make it for you, It will not require mastering any software and it will also save you time.


Can I use the tattoo commercially if I design that myself?

Yes, websites like Freepik and Shutterstock are looking for designers who design the graphics themself. If someone buys your design you will get paid for it.


Conclusions about Tribal Tattoo Design:

If you are designing the tattoo yourself and printing it for you, We recommend you ask the professionals to leave a comment on that, Maybe they help you in making your designed tattoo more professional. And if you are designing multiple tattoos then you should try to sell them online in different marketplaces.


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