3 Steps to Keep Your Computer Awake without touching the mouse

Keep Your Computer Awake
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There are many reasons for which you want a guide on how to keep your computer awake. Maybe you are downloading a big game and you are gonna leave your PC switched on for a full night, But your screen goes off after 10 minutes. Then don’t worry here about freelancing with Ehsan I will help you. Keeping your PC awake on PC is normal and it will not cause any issues for you, But if you are a laptop user then make sure to plug in your charger the charge of your laptop will gradually drop when you start using your laptop with an all-time screen on.

We recommend you remove your laptop battery and just provide the power by plugging in the charger. Then the laptop will work the same as a computer. In this way, the battery will also save momentum and you will be able to keep your screen on all the time.


Steps to Keep Your Computer Awake Without Touching the Mouse

  1. First, go to the settings on your device.
  2. Then search for the screen saver.
  3. Disable the screen saver first by changing the time from 10 minutes to none.


Steps to Keep Your Laptop Awake Without Touching

  1. First, go to settings and search for the display settings.
  2. Open display settings go to power settings and change the settings for both conditions.
  3. Plugged In and not plugged in.
  4. Make them both never.


All done now you can leave your computer or laptop device, It will always screen on, and you can download any game without worrying about the PC getting to sleep.


Should you make your PC always awake?

Keeping your PC screen on all the time will not harm your PC performance or anything like that. But running your PC for a long time may get you in trouble. As the temperature of your CPU may rise any component of your system can burn.


Should you enable a screen saver on a PC?

In Windows XP or Windows 7, there were some options for adding an animated screen as a screensaver, But we don’t recommend you enable that feature in any Windows.

As if you are leaving your PC turned on and Then anyone can easily use it. Instead of enabling the screen saver option, You should choose a blank screen. Enabling the sign-out every time your PC goes to sleep mode will be a plus point to your laptop or PC privacy.


Should I keep my mobile screen awake?

A big NO. because the mobile battery is just a small battery and it will consume a lot of battery of your device. If you are using an iPhone or Android, The Battery isn’t that big on you can either use it for one day. SO we think you should maximum choose the 10 minutes gap to turn the screen off automatically.



Keeping your computer screen awake all the time is the best feature for users like freelancers or designers, as once the PC is signed out they can continue their work from where they left off, But on a turned-on screen, they will get every update as soon as possible.

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