How to make an exponent on a computer in MS Office

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Exponents are most probably found in business PDFs or school or college papers. If you have a question that “how to make an exponent on a computer”. Then let me tell you one thing first you can’t type any exponent with normal script writing software. Because these are special characters you can’t type those with your normal keyboard keys. You don’t need a special keyboard to type the exponents but you may need some new software for that special scripting.


In only MS Office (Word, Excel…) these special script writing feature is installed by the developers. You can use it as it is the basic one. But if you are not using the WordPress website then there is another method to make an exponent on a computer too. Here in this article, you will be able to know both ways to make an exponent on a computer.


How to make an exponent on a computer in MS Office:

  1. First open any office solution like (word, PowerPoint, excel…)
  2. Type all of the expressions and text at once you want to include in your project.
  3. Now put your pointer right at the place where you want to enter the exponent.
  4. Enable the special scriptwriter as shown in the image. Enter the value you want as an exponent.
  5. After entering the exponent, press the special script button again to disable it. And to write normal paragraphs or scripts.

Not if you are having any problem in making an exponent in Word document or any other MS Office software, Then try to update your MS Office to the latest one. Or try the second method.


How to make an exponent on a computer manually:

  1. First, create a new notepad or Word document.
  2. Open it and type the expression in which you want to enter the exponent.
  3. Then press the Shift and 6 key buttons “^” This will be typed on the notepad.
  4. After this sign, you can enter your exponent.
  5. The reader will know that this is the sign used for exponent.
  6. This sign is present in many calculators where the exponent function is not available.


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Should I download special software to make exponents on the computer?

No, There is no need to install any software for making exponents on a computer. Simply download and install the MS Office Make, That is the easiest software to make exponents on a computer.


My MS Office doesn’t have an option for superscript, How to fix it?

Simply go to Google and search for the latest version of MS Office, In all the latest MS Office packs, The option of superscript is present by default in the latest version of MS Office.



If you want to enter an exponent in your Script. Then you will be working in Word documents or Google documents. The best option to make professional PDFs is still working in MS Word. So there you will get the superscript option without installing any third-party application.

If you want to enter the exponent in any other place and not work on MS Office solutions, Then you can use the second method mentioned above.


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